Forest&Photonics gathers together top photonics and bio economy experts

Forest & Photonics 2017 brings together businesses, academia and developers to share new technological solutions, challenges and opportunities in the fields of photonics and forestry. This year´s themed tracks are: Forest Data, Smart Machines and Photonics Future Technologies.  

This internationally acclaimed event will be hosted for the third time in the unique scenery of Koli National Park, Finland which offers the best networking possibilities combined with great evening program including relaxing spa, dinner, jazz and much more!

Venue for Forest&Photonics 2017 will be at Sokos Hotel Koli, Yläkolintie 39, Koli National Park, Finland, on 20th and 21st of September 2017.

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Event survey: 93 % found new potential co-operation partners

We asked the attendees what they think about the Forest&Photonics 2017 event. Here are the results:

  • 93 % found new potential co-operation partners
  • 89 % are going to participate Forest & Photonics next year
  • 97 % recommend Forest & Photonics seminar

Hope to see you in the Forest&Photonics 2018!

Themes for Forest&Photonics 2017

  • Forest Data
  • Smart Machines
  • Photonics Future Technologies

During the event

  • Virtual Forest AR/VR Demonstration
  • Evening program with excellent networking opportunities, relaxing spa, Finnish cuisine, jazz and much more!

Program of the Forest&Photonics 2017

See our full program and timetable here.

More information about our speakers here.

Registration to the Forest&Photonics 2017

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Venue and travel information

Forest&Photonics 2017 will be held at Sokos Hotel Break, Yläkolintie 39, Koli National Park, Finland, on 20th and 21st of September 2017.

See travel information, flight, train and bus schedules here.


Information about the hotel and reservation here. Remember to make your registration 8th of September 2017 at the latest in order to advantage the special rate


What is photonics?

Photonics is a field of science that concentrates on producing and manipulating light. It is used in applications such as virtual reality and machine vision. Bioeconomy uses renewable biomass such as wood for different applications. Most recent innovations have taken place in high added value products such as textiles and cosmetics. Together, photonics and bioeconomy can produce applications such as laser wood-cutting, remote sensing and measurement of natural resources, and intelligently optimized LED lighting for growing vegetables.

“Photonics is a disruptive technology which fulfills its potential when combined with other fields. New applications are constantly discovered and growth projections are remarkable”, says Juha Purmonen, Development Manager of Joensuu Science Park and one of the event's organizers.


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More information

Tuukka Pakarinen
Project Coordinator, Joensuu Science Park
Tel. 358 50 313 5930
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Media contacts

Juha Purmonen
Development Manager, Joensuu Science Park
telephone: 358 50 354 3832
email: juha.purmonen @

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