Joensuu Science Park is a key developer of
a regional innovation system and an active
national and international operator

In addition to expert services offered to companies, we work in several other
sectors as well – everywhere in order to benefit our local area and the growth and
development of local companies. Do not get caught in jargon, but tackle terms and
learn more about the various networks that we work in and what it is all about.

Networks – cooperating, linking and influencing

Regional operations and networks

Joensuu Science Park speeds up local companies, their growth and cooperation, develops the operating environment of companies and works in order to improve local core competence areas – it is a question of developing an innovation environment both in the short term and longer term.

Regional core competence areas include forest bioeconomy, photonics, technologies and materials, as well as ICT. Core competence areas are visible in the region in the form of several companies, comprehensive education and high-quality international research. Joensuu Science Parks brings together knowledge and companies in these areas.

Our regional partners include the University of Eastern Finland, the Natural Resources Institute Finland, the Karelia University of Applied Sciences and the European Forest Institute.

In addition, we are involved in planning and coordinating regional development strategies and programmes, such as the Joensuu region's growth strategy. The aim of our operation is to predict changes in the operating environment, and we support the appeal of the area and invest in operation.

Growth strategy of the Joensuu region

Growth strategy is a vision of the city of Joensuu and key operators on the common growth choices for the urban environment. Joensuu Science Park implements Joensuu's growth strategy in all of its operations.

Green growth

Green growth is a key theme of growth strategy in the Joensuu region. Regional core competence areas are at the centre of green growth along with innovations brewing in the interfaces of industries. Find out more about green growth through core competence areas >>

Innovation leader

An innovation leader is an enabler who works for the benefit of all operators in the Joensuu region. An innovation leader's duty is to clarify the service offering of business operations in the Joensuu region. An innovation leader brings together companies, developers as well as research and education organisations. The aim is to have the region serve companies and various fields of operation more efficiently than before. Read more >>

National operations and networks

On a national level, we focus on cooperation and influence of matters which will improve the operating conditions of local companies and core competence areas. We participate in the planning and implementation of a national innovation system and various national cooperation projects. We supplement our service production by bringing competence and new information to local companies through our networks.

We carry out key national programmes that are related to the local focus areas, such as forest bioeconomy, photonics, technologies and materials and ICT. For example, we are one of the implementers of the national growth agreement. We actively participate in the operation of various networks and interest groups, such as Photonics Finland, Technology Industries of Finland, and Suomen Elinkeino- ja Kehitysyhtiöt SEKES.

International operations and networks

Our international operations also aim at improving the operating conditions of local companies and core competence areas. We work in close cooperation in particular with those regions whose competence profile is linked to the core competence areas of Joensuu Science Park or complements our competence.

We create connections and link competence so that the parts of the network complement each other. It is difficult for a company to conquer the world alone but it is easier when it is a part of a more extensive network. We wish to create networks related to core competence areas in the Joensuu region and act as a centre of international networks. For example, the area around Cherepovets in northwest Russia is our cooperation partner as the area is a forest centre and a route to the Russian market for high-quality wood products and technology, among other things. We are part of the TeamFinland network.

We are also involved in the planning of national innovation systems, development strategies and programmes. We carry out this work through IASP (the International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation), for example.

Invest in operation

A company or an R&D unit that is located in Joensuu becomes part of a network that combines advanced scientific and industrial expertise, inexpensive office, research and R&D environments as well as excellent connections in terms of logistics. We carry out and invest in operation in close cooperation with the Joensuu Regional Development Company JOSEK Ltd.

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