Green growth – forest bioeconomy and technology

Green growth is the theme of our local growth strategy, and its core competence areas include forest bioeconomy, photonics, technologies and materials as well as ICT.

Joensuu Science Park plays a key role in developing companies in these growth areas and their operating environments. Naturally, our personnel has profound substance competence in particular in these areas.  In the Joensuu region, core competence areas are visible in the form of powerful companies, internationally recognised research, comprehensive education and internationality, for example. In Joensuu, the power of green growth is found at the interface of industries – core competence areas form a unique entity that creates innovations and new business operations across boundaries between industries.

Joensuu is leading the way for forest bioeconomy

Joensuu has an internationally recognised and a powerful image in the field of forestry. Our city is often called the forest capital of Europe, and for a reason!

The Joensuu region forms one of the most important centres of forest research and education organisations in Europe. In total, there are more than 600 academic experts in the area.

The only centre of forestry education in Finland that covers all levels of education is located in the area. Local education in the field is very international.

The world-leading cluster of companies that manufacture forest machinery is located in Eastern Finland, and there is versatile industry in the area related to forest bioeconomy, forestry and the woodworking industry. Several of the companies are market leaders or important technological pioneers in their respective fields.

If there is anything you wish to know about forests, head to Joensuu

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Top expertise in photonics is concentrated in Joensuu

Photonics is one the fastest growing fields of industry. For decades, systematic investments have been made in Joensuu in photonics research and competence development. Several photonics companies that are located in the area and local education and research organisations form an internationally significant cluster.

The Institute of photonics operates at the University of Eastern Finland and it has a completely cross-disciplinary operating principle. The European Optical Society (EOS) is located in Joensuu. The society is a European cooperation forum for private individuals, companies and other organisations that operate on matters related to optics. Similarly, a national cluster of photonics, Photonics Finland, is located in Joensuu. It develops photonics ranging from basic research all the way to the development of new products and launching them to the market.

Photonics is an open-minded enabler

Top expertise in Joensuu

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Forest & Photonics

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World-leading technology in forestry machines and plastic products

A manufacturing network of metal and plastic product systems and machinery operates in Joensuu that combines precision technique, automation, various manufacturing methods, special components and combined materials in an innovative manner.

The core of technology and material competence is formed by photonics, natural composites, metal and plastic products with high added value, and ICT software production.

A functional ecosystem of technology industry at the interfaces of various fields

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ICT hype in the Joensuu region

There are around one hundred ICT companies in the Joensuu region and they currently employ nearly a thousand experts. The Joensuu region has had an excellent ranking on the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 list. According to the ranking, there were more quickly growing technology companies in Joensuu in 2014 than anywhere else in Finland in relation to the number of residents.

Many of the local ICT companies have established their position and become nationally and even internationally recognised operators. ICT companies in the Joensuu region export solutions related to, for example, data demolition, remote mapping of natural resources, solutions based on open source code and Industrial Internet innovations.

The Joensuu region offers operators in the ICT sector an excellent development environment. Forest bioeconomy, photonics and the metal and plastic industry with high added value offer a good opportunity to develop ICT solutions and services in cooperation with core competence companies in these fields. Investments are also made in developing competence in the gaming industry.

Joensuu region is a good development environment for operators in the ICT sector

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