Top expertise in photonics is concentrated in Joensuu

Joensuu is home to several photonics companies and training and development organisations. Together, they constitute Finland and Europe´s leading international agglomeration of companies and research in the field. The Institute of photonics operates on the Joensuu campus of the University of Eastern Finland according to fully cross-disciplinary principles.

The European Optical Society (EOS) is located in Joensuu. The EOS serves as a cooperation forum for individuals, companies, organisations, educational institutions and other organisations working in the field of optics. Photonics Finland is a national, technology-oriented association for the development of photonics in Finland, from basic research to the development and launch of new products.

Photonics enables

Photonics is the science of light; it includes the generation, amplification, transfer, shaping and detection of light for a variety of purposes. Photonics creates new business and research opportunities and helps realise the discipline´s industrial potential in different fields, such as health care, energy efficiency, security, manufacturing and sustainable development.  

Photonics enables, for example, gesture-based user interfaces and their expansion from game consoles to everyday devices and industrial applications. In industry, photonics enables entirely new kinds of production processes and significant energy savings.

Due to the field's numerous applications and strong growth expectations, the EU has designated photonics as a Key Enabling Technology (KET) for improving existing devices and creating entirely new innovations.