World-leading technology in forestry machines and plastic products

A manufacturing network of metal and plastic product systems and machinery operates in Joensuu that combines precision technique, automation, various manufacturing methods, special components and combined materials in an innovative manner. The core of technology and material competence is formed by photonics, natural composites, metal and plastic products with high added value, and ICT software production. The world-leading cluster of companies that focus on manufacturing forest machinery operates in the Joensuu region, and the world's largest forestry machine factory, John Deere Forestry Ltd., is located in Joensuu.

Plastic composites and natural fibre composites

Similar to the fact that the best properties of natural fibres and plastic are combined in natural fibre composite materials, traditional core competence areas in the Joensuu region are combined in them – competence related to wood, forest and plastic. Currently, natural fibre composites are used in instrument manufacturing, electronics and vehicle industry and furniture manufacturing, for example.

The University of Eastern Finland has solid chemistry expertise related to composites and research resources to support this expertise. Similarly, knowledge of wood science supports the development of natural fibre composites in the area. There are several companies in the area that have significant competence related to plastic and natural fibre composites,

The technology industry, i.e., high-quality grade metal and plastic products

In recent years, the focus in the region has shifted more to business operations that provide comprehensive customer solutions based on their own products and related services that take the entire life cycle of a product into account. The most important product group in the technology industry in the region includes various machinery and equipment and related part manufacturing and services, in particular machine manufacturing related to timber harvesting. Another important product group in the Joensuu region is production and R&D related to locking security. There is a local subcontracting industry related to metal machining, sheet-metal processing and component manufacturing that is based on a welding assembly.

New innovations are found at the interface of industries

The Joensuu region has great opportunities to create new innovations for technology industry companies by combining expertise in forest bioeconomy, photonics and ICT.

Examples of new possibilities that are found at the interface of industries:

  • Fibre optics; production of billets, special fibres and related products (such as amplifiers)
  • Optical sensors, various biosensors and optical measurement
  • Carbon nanostructures; new materials and applications, graphenes
  • Spectral colour research and its possibilities
  • Medical imaging
  • 3D imaging of plants
  • Machine vision and measuring solutions (for example, for the sawmill industry, machine manufacturing, the paper industry, the food industry, extraction industry)
  • Remote mapping
  • Applications for the security industry