Kick-start your growth in Joensuu´s open cooperation network

Brave minds look at problems and see opportunities. In Joensuu, the world´s most pressing issues are tackled with cooperation of various fields of science, technology and industry. As an example, bioeconomy and photonics experts have joined forces to find solutions for climate change and global food supply.

Joensuu´s research institutions, business development organizations, startup ventures and large enterprises work together in a uniquely open ecosystem that happily welcomes new entrants. Organizations in the Joensuu region are offered an opportunity to leverage the world-class expertise and infrastructure at the University of Eastern Finland and the Karelia University of Applied Sciences. The result is an exceptionally well-functioning combination of people, expertise and infrastructure.

Investing in the city for businesses to flourish

The city of Joensuu is committed to invest a hundred million euros in development activities during the next years. With a special focus on regional strongpoints such as forest bioeconomy, photonics and ICT, new innovations are expected to emerge at the intersections of these fields. As an example, the traditional forest industry has taken leaps forward through the utilization of expertise in chemistry, biology, photonics and other fields of science.

An important part of the Joensuu investment program is an innovative urban development plan labeled the Symmetric City. Built on principles of sustainability and totaling 1,2 billion Euros in value, the plan expands Joensuu´s urban downtown area to utilize both banks of the river flowing through the city. The plan mixes homes and businesses and spares the riversides for urban dwellings.

The new Penttilä area will work as a development platform and early stage market for new products, and the investment is expected to create 3,500 new jobs along with homes for 6,000 new inhabitants. A dense urban plan, excellent transport links and modern infrastructure bring benefits to both people and companies as short commutes and savings in heating.

Green Park, a smart new generation industrial park, is ideally located next to a railroad and a deep-water harbor. The area is designed to operate for decades: business premises are easily and quickly adapted for changing needs. In addition to corporate facilities, Green Park offers ecosystems to benefit everyone involved. An early example is forest machine manufacturer John Deere Forestry, which has already attracted several partner companies in the area.

Quality of life keeps families happy

What does an international expert look for in a place to live? Joensuu offers high-quality education in English all the way from kindergarten to high school and the university, and the vibrant town has job opportunities for the whole family. People moving in Joensuu will appreciate clean water, fresh air, beautiful nature and a variety of leisure options.

The population of Joensuu grows by 1.7% annually, and 30% of the population are aged under 25. The city attracts thousands of young entrants every year to study in the University of Eastern Finland and the Karelia University of Applied Sciences. The result is a dynamic job market of highly skilled young people, and an attractive environment for startup minded entrepreneurs. Increasing number of students and experts coming from abroad contribute to an international atmosphere. 

We´ll help you get to speed quickly

Joensuu provides organizations and R&D units with a direct access to a network that brings together high-level scientific and industrial expertise, cost-efficient office and R&D facilities, and excellent logistics.

We invite you to get to know the people and companies in the Joensuu region. We may well have the perfect business partners for your current needs, and look forward to uncovering future innovations together. Welcome!