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Do you have a business idea? Do you need help in establishing your own company or do you want to grow your already existing business? We can help both new and growing companies in North Karelia on their path to success. Benefit from the competence of our experts!

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1Developing a business idea and establishing a company

Do you have a business idea? Or perhaps you have already decided to establish a company but need some help with, for example, finding partners, preparing a business plan, obtaining financing or verifying whether you need to protect your idea? Our Business Incubator can help you.

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2Growth and internationalisation of a company

Do you need help in developing your growth company? Are you aiming at new markets or have changes in your operating environment caused a need to revise your strategy? Our experts can help you to proceed with the development of your already existing business.

The development measures can be any of the following:

  • Corporate financing
  • Marketing, sales and communication
  • Clarifying your strategy
  • Processes, management and profitability
  • Internationalisation
  • Development of competence

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3Product development and innovation services

From an idea to an innovation!

We can help you to work on and further specify your product or service idea. With our experts, you will be able to turn your idea into an innovation and your innovation into a ready-made product whose intellectual property rights, sales and marketing are all secured.

Combining research with the business world

We create opportunities to transfer competence between the worlds of research and business, between industries, and even between companies in the same industry. We bring researchers, research results and companies together to resolve challenges and problems that the companies are facing.

Competencies can involve technology, processes or business expertise, for example. In practice, competence is transferred in seminars, through training, at trade fairs and during company visits, for instance.

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