Your idea will be turned into a diamond
at the Business Incubator

Do you have a business idea? Or perhaps you have already decided to establish a company but need some help in, for example, finding partners, preparing a business plan, obtaining financing or verifying whether you need to protect your idea? The Business Incubator will help you to realise your business idea and guide your company through the challenging first years on a path towards growth.

Business Incubator is a three-stage process

Are you ready to start? Take a look at the stages through which you will proceed at the Business Incubator.

1Assessing the business idea

At the first stage, you will think about how mature your business idea is and focus on the business idea in general. Does the idea provide the opportunity to start a business?


At the pre-incubator stage, we will plan and survey the prerequisites and requirements of your future business. We will create a business plan for your business idea by describing the business model. The plan will include a description of the business operations and calculations that describe the future of the business. If the simulation suggests the opportunity for profitable business, the company will be established and you will proceed to the incubator stage.

The pre-incubator process is offered free of charge, and it also includes excellent facilities at the netWork Oasis. The pre-incubator stage usually takes around six months.


At the incubator stage, the company will be coached: we will assist you in marketing, sales, business economics, financing, administration and other practical issues of a starting company. Through versatile training, you will achieve the readiness to be an entrepreneur in charge of a successful business. The incubator will create a solid basis for the development and growth of your business. The incubator stage takes one to three years.

In addition to the Business Incubator coaches, the competence of the entire team of experts at the Joensuu Science Park will be at your disposal at all the stages of the incubation process. We will also invite experts from outside the Science Park as necessary, such as people proficient with different types of reports, innovation protection processes, business law and the development of business expertise.

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