Games – development & companies in North Karelia

North Karelia is one of the game development regional hotspots in Finland alongside with Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Oulu and Kotka regions. Read on and learn why.

Game incubator - business development and incubator services for game startups

Joensuu Science Park Business Incubator helps to implement the business ideas and guides companies through the challenging early years onto a path of growth.

Even before the company is established, Joensuu Science Park provides assistance in the so-called pre-incubator phase with regard to developing competence, finding the required special expertise, customer contacts, partners and potential sources of financing as well as compiling a functional business model for the ideas.

Game Business ideas in Joensuu Science Park are developed in an open Game studio called OASIS. The 150 sqm studio environment is located in the best premises Joensuu Science Park can provide.

Largest number of game students in Finland

Game education in North Karelia is given in all levels of education: from college to polytechnics and university. There are about 200 games students in the area.

In vocational studies North Karelia College Outokumpu is teaching game specific 3d modeling, texturing and animation with fulltime three year curriculum. Karelia University of Applied Sciences is teaching game programming also with full time four year curriculum. Also, the University of Eastern Finland has game related studies and research as part of their Computer Science Department.

Joensuu Science Park works in close co-operation with all of the three educational institutes mentioned above. All students have access to OASIS Game studio, where education meets game development in projects that are professionally led by partnered game companies.

Want to find out more?

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