netWork Oasis is the Science Park living room, as well as a networking and learning environment

Start your day or take a break at the netWork Oasis where you can chat with other people working at the Joensuu Science Park. The netWork Oasis is a living room for all the people at the Science Park where they can have coffee and chat with people they already know, as well as get to know new people.

The Business and Game Incubators that operate at the netWork Oasis, the personnel of Joensuu Science Park and a variety of events spice up the meeting place. You can hardly avoid discussions that give rise to new ideas and thoughts!

Learn and build networks

In addition to functional facilities, anybody coming to the netWork Oasis will gain access to a lively, highly inspiring community where forming networks across industry borders is easy. The Business Incubator, in particular, arranges plenty of events at the netWork Oasis to improve the customer companies´ business expertise. You can use the different communities as a sounding board when fine-tuning your ideas into actual business.

Are you planning a seminar, meeting or other event?

The netWork Oasis is an excellent place to arrange seminars and other events. There are suitable facilities for meetings and negotiations as well. You can lease just the right facilities and technical devices for your needs, and various additional services from sauna to catering are also available under the same roof.

Contact us to find out more about our lobby service if you want to hear how you can utilise the netWork Oasis in your events!