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Innovation expert

Joensuu Science Park Ltd is the region´s innovation tool. Our service portfolio includes expert services and facility services. Our core competence areas include forest bioeconomy, photonics, technologies and materials, as well as ICT.

We have a key role in the transfer of competence between companies and educational/research establishments. Extensive competence basis of research establishments, good availability of workforce, excellent company networks and good availability of timber are examples of the key appeal factors in our region that we use when we assist companies, investment targets and investors in finding each other.

Bridge between research and business

We promote the commercialisation of research results and their utilisation in the business of actual companies. We create cooperation platforms and forms of cooperation that serve both research and businesses, such as the Green Hub. We bring together academic parties and companies from different industries. We aim to combine different kinds of competencies to create new innovations and businesses. A good example of this is the Forest & Photonics event and innovation platform.

Competencies can involve technology, processes or business expertise, for example. In practice, competence is transferred in addition to direct company contacts and guidance in seminars, through training, at trade fairs and during company visits, for instance.



From an idea to an innovation


If you have a product or service idea, we can help you turn into a business! Your idea may also be the result of your research work. We will assist you in specifying your idea and protecting your intellectual rights. With the help of our own experts and our comprehensive partner network, we will systematically develop your idea towards an innovation, productisation, sales and success. Through us, you can find partners from Finland and abroad for your research, training, design, implementation, consulting and financing needs. Our experts are just one phone call away.

Contact us and tell us what it is that you need help with!

Services in practice

1Facilitation of the innovation process - Green Hub

Different companies have different kinds of challenges and bottlenecks, unsolved problems that prevent them from operating properly. On the other hand, there are hundreds of experts, such as researchers, trainers, teachers and developers, in the Joensuu region who can help you with these problems.

Such help is available at the Green Hub community.


In many cases, an idea is not enough on its own. To develop an idea into an innovation and successful business that will thrive on the market, you need productisation. Our experts have extensive experience in a variety of innovation and productisation processes. If the expertise and competence of our experts is not enough, you can also utilise our broad network of partners.

In many cases, the productisation process ceases because the company does not have enough information about the market or customers, or because the company does not have the key partners it needs to implement the new product or service.

We have extensive competence and a network consisting of companies from many industries, which is why we can resolve your problem and get your idea off the ground. We will also assist you in gathering information about the market, if necessary.

3Company visits and benchmarking

We take companies and groups of companies abroad to get new information, ideas and models for their operations, to create networks, to benchmark and to learn something new. Similarly, we bring companies from abroad to the Joensuu region so that we can introduce them to the companies and research establishments here, create new cooperation and promote the invest-in operations. We carefully plan these visits with the help of our broad networks.

Most trips abroad are published in our event calendar (calender includes events in finnish and in english).

4Seminars, Business Cafes, training and other events

For us, different types of seminars are a tool for providing the latest information to the companies and experts in the Joensuu region. Brief Business Café events for smaller groups are workshops that focus on very limited subject matter. Top-class experts from abroad participate in many of the events.

Follow our event calendar and our social media channels to get the latest information about our events open to anybody.

5Competitions and other services

We arrange, alone or in cooperation with other parties, competitions to promote the creation and development of new businesses.

Annually, we arrange the Start Me Up business idea competition. Furthermore, we have been involved in arranging a national growth company coaching event called KasvuOpen and a variety of investment events, such as the Finnish qualifiers for the international EFIB Pitchfest.

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