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Business development process - this is how we start

1Analysing the situation

Analysing the current situation is the first thing we will do once you have contacted the expert services of Joensuu Science Park. Your company's development will lie on a secure foundation when it is supported by a comprehensive, fact-based analysis of your current status. We will start our journey on the path of development by analysing whether your company's current business plan is up to date. If the business plan has not been updated in years, the next step will be the initiation of the strategy process.

The analysis will show us the direction in which your company should head on its path towards development. The status analysis will offer us a comprehensive idea of your current situation and the services that you should use. Furthermore, it will tell us how to plan your company-specific development programme and the required actions.

We will propose, guide and develop; you will make the decisions.

2Clarifying the strategy

When an already existing company grows or there is a need to change for other reasons, the business plan and strategy must be revised to suit the new situation. The business plan is revised during a strategy process.

The following may be necessary when creating the business plan, for example:

  • Analysing the environment and competitors (opportunities and threats)
  • Analysing the company (strengths and weaknesses)
  • Determining the goals
  • Specifying the business idea
  • Reviewing different strategy options
  • Financial calculations and forecasts 
  • If necessary, we will outline your future with experts included in the Joensuu Science Park networks.

Contact us if you need to change! We will be happy to help you to reassess the focus areas of your business. 

3Planning and implementing a development program

The necessary development measures, the required resources, budgeting and financing are determined and prioritised based on the business plan. You will be able to benefit from our experience as we survey the financing opportunities and prepare financing applications. We actively develop competence, support internationalisation, mentor, coach and arrange different kinds of expert services.

For more information on what the development measures may entail, please see the bottom of this page!


We always engage in long-term cooperation, and we will also be available to you after the development programme period to assist you in studying the results and comparing them with the set goals. In addition, we will analyse any non-conformances and plan any necessary corrective measures with you.

Regular communication will create a solid foundation for continued cooperation and the planning of new development programmes.

What can development measures entail?

Corporate financing

We will guide you in your financing needs connected to the development and growth of your company, everything from plans and calculations to finding the right contacts. Read more >>

Product development and innovation services

We can help you to specify and further develop your product or service idea into an innovation and a ready-made product. Read more >>

Marketing, sales and communication

Growth and development pose whole new marketing, sales and communication challenges. We will help you to find functional solutions and just the right partners, or to arrange the training your team needs. Read more >>

Clarifying your strategy

We can help you when growth, development or any other changes require that you reassess the basic pillars of your business, the business plan and the strategy. Read more >>

Processes, management and profitability

A company’s processes from the operating systems to the executive team are often studied with great care when the company is growing or changing. We can help you to boost your business and profitability. Read more >>

Internationalisation services

Major leaps in growth often take place through internationalisation. We can assist you in all the stages of taking your business global. Read more >>

Development of competence

In the development of competence, we will focus on the core areas of your business. The development of competence can consist of several pieces, such as detailed training, suitable seminars and trade fairs or company visits.

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