Marketing, sales and communication

Marketing, sales and communication will, in one way or another, be part of your company´s operations from day one. The needs may also change considerably as your company grows and develops. 
The service may consist of the following, for example:

  • Planning and managing marketing, sales and communication efforts
  • Developing sales, marketing and communication processes, procedures and tools
  • Developing competence and skills  

In many cases, the development starts with the clarification of the company´s business plan/strategy or an initial assessment to find out the development needs – your company may need a comprehensive marketing plan or clearly targeted marketing for a specific project, for example. 

Development of competence and skills is often necessary in the case of sales.

You can choose the expert you need from our broad network, which means that you will not waste time trying to find one. 
If you want to improve the marketing, sales and communication competence within your company, we can provide you with training and support for the development of your in-house procedures and tools. 
Ask for more information and tell us about your needs so that we can customise the service just for you!