We value safety

Joensuu Science Parks takes safety very seriously. It is integrated in our strategy and quality of operations, and our daily activities.

Joensuu Science Park´s safety is the responsibility of a safety team, which has drawn up a safety policy, determining the Science Park´s safety objectives, responsibilities and implementation.

The Science Park´s security services are provided by Vartiointi Tanskanen Oy. Safety and security are ensured by a range of methods, such as strict access control and modern alarm systems. Security and access control are included in the Science Park leases. For additional security services and products, please contact Vartiointi Tanskanen.

Information security is an important issue, concerning both paper documents and IT waste. To dispose of sensitive documents and devices, we have partnered with the best operators in the field. Your business secrets will remain safe in Joensuu Science Park. For further information on the document destroying service, email the Lobby Service at