09:45 Registration and coffee

10:00 Opening the Forest & Photonics 2017

  • Executive Director of Economic Development and Growth Mikko Härkönen, City of Joensuu

10:10 Keynote speech

  • Director Jaakko Kuusisaari, Tieto Corporation, Wood and Fibre Solutions

11:00 Forest Data

  • LIDAR forest inventory data: application for optimizing road construction and wood procurement costs, Vesa Leppänen, Arbonaut Ltd 
  • VR, AR and virtual forest, Veikko Miettinen, Joensuu Science Park
  • Operational low-cost tree-wise forest inventory using multispectral cameras mounted on drones, Eugene Lopatin, Natural Resources Institute of Finland
  • DataBio forestry pilot component Wuudis Service interfaces with multiple big data sources making forestry management and data sharing easy, Seppo Huurinainen, MHG Systems Oy Ltd

12:20 Lunch break and demonstrators

13:40 Photonics Future Technologies, part 1

  • Novel hyperspectral imaging for field use, Jussi Soukkamäki, Senop Oy
  • Assigning tree and wood quality for hyperspectral imaging, Markku Keinänen, UEF
  • Imaging for wood quality control, Marcos X. Álvarez Cid, University of Vigo
  • Photonics measurement technologies for wood industry, Jere Heikkinen, Finnos Ltd

15:00 Coffee break and demonstrators (check in to rooms)

15.40 Photonics Future Technologies, part 2

  • High effiency LED lighting based on rotating molecules, Mikko Linnonlahti, UEF
  • Future photonics measurement applications in Forest industry, Pasi Karppinen, ProtoRhino

16.20 Keynote speech

  • Research Professor Ali Harlin, VTT, Bioprocessing of Renewable Natural Materials 

17:00 Evening program & demonstrators

  • Sunset at Ukko-Koli viewpoint
  • Sokos Hotel Break Spa

20:00 Finnish Cuisine buffet with live jazz and networking 


10:00 Photonics Future Technologies, part 3

  • Augmented reality in industry use, Antti Sunnari, Dispelix Ltd
  • Improving efficiency through gaze tracking, Roman Bednarik, UEF

10:50 Smart Machines, part 1

  • Photonics solutions for smart machines, Kimmo Solehmainen, VTT
  • Smartphone application and intuitive map-based web interface for Forest transportation, Markus Melander, Vionice Ltd

11:30 Lunch break and demonstrators

12:40 Smart Machines, part 2 

  • Forest and tree measurements from forest machine, Arto Visala, Aalto University, Mikko Miettinen, Argone Ltd.
  • Needs for plywood manufacture: measurement of veneer surface quality, Tomi Virolainen, Plytec Oy
  • 3D/4D Precision forestry, Markus Holopainen, University of Helsinki

13:40 Coffee break and demonstrators

14.00 Smart Machines, part 3

  • Predicting inner quality of Scots pine logs during harvesting, Laura Tomppo, UEF

14.20 Keynote speech

  • Building ecosystems to drive economic growth across Forest & Photonics using examples from other Nordic industries & regions, Director, Nordic Robotics and Drones Ecosystem, Patrick Halford, IBM

14:50 Summary and conclusion of the F&P 2017

  • Announcing Forest&Photonics 2018

15:30 The bus leaves to Joensuu Airport

Demo presentation during the event in 20th and 21st.

  • Virtual Forest, Oasis Game Incubator and Joensuu Games OSK, Joensuu Science Park
  • Sm4rtLab augmented reality environment, UEF and Process Genius Ltd

Joensuu Science Park Ltd. reserves the right to make changes to the programme.