Joensuu Science Park is the home to experts,
competence and high-quality facilities

Joensuu Science Park Ltd strengthens business operations in the Joensuu region by providing
innovative operating environments for growing businesses.

The Joensuu Science Park in a nut shell

  • Established in 1990
  • Sales EUR 8.9 million (2016)
  • Joensuu Science Park Ltd. employs 30 employees (situation in May 2017)
  • More than 120 companies, a university and a university of applied sciences
  • Around 1,000 experts and 1,000 students
  • More than 40,000 square metres
  • An innovative and evolving operating environment
  • Business development services, versatile meeting and banquet facilities and facilities available for rent

Roles of the Joensuu Science Park

We assist growing and internationally oriented businesses locally, nationally and
internationally both in the short and long term. Read more >>


Our strategic choices

We support growth-seeking SMEs by offering them services that promote innovation, networking and business opportunities, developing a regional innovation system and by providing incubator operations for companies that are distinctly based on competence.

We attract and commit companies that are based on advanced competence in the Joensuu region and North Karelia. We promote cooperation between education and research institutions and companies by supporting the commercialisation of research results and by creating cooperation environments and forms for knowledge transfer.

We pioneer in developing green growth business and act as the main responsible party for developing the Joensuu region as the global centre of bioeconomy.

We offer high-quality, secure and functional facilities.

The Joensuu Science Park's Board and Executive Team

The Board of Joensuu Science Park Ltd. is elected annually at the annual general meeting. In addition to the principal owner, the City of Joensuu, local companies and the University of Eastern Finland are represented on the board.

Board members:

-   Asko Miettinen (chairman of the board), farmer, member of the Joensuu City Council
-   Jatta Herranen, Director of Pedagogy, Riveria
-   Risto Jalovaara, CEO, FastROI Ltd
-   Tarja Kärkkäinen, Financial Secretary, University of Eastern Finland
-   Jari Kervinen, vice president, Network Solutions, Abloy Oy
-   Timo Elo, Head of Administration, National Coalition Party of Finland
 -   Harri Siiskonen, Professor, University of Eastern Finland
-   Hannu Puhakka, vice president, central and Eastern Finland, Finnvera Oyj
-   Joensuu Science Park Ltd.'s financial director serves as secretary to the Board

Executive Team members:

- Jari Lauronen, managing director
- Aki Gröhn, deputy managing director
- Ari Immonen, financial director
- Jouko Rautasalo, development director
- Hanne Huhmarsalo, development manager

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