Green Science Park

Environmental responsibility is daily choices

Joensuu Science Park Ltd. wishes to be an operator who takes responsibility for the environment and whose actions have a genuine effect on reducing humanity’s carbon footprint both through procedures carried out in the property and offices and through increasing awareness about the environment.

We aim to minimise the environmental effects caused by properties during their life cycle with the help of professional management of environment and property issues. Our Green Science Park operating model steers setting environmental targets, allocating resources and developing operations in all services and operations of the Science Park.

We try to achieve environmental targets more efficiently by using new technologies and operating models in our operation and by creating networks between various fields of operations and operators. We regularly monitor, measure and analyse the fulfilment of our environmental targets that aim at continuous improvement.

We aim to offer our customers a high-quality, secure, pleasant and above all, an environment-friendly working environment!

Our environmental target

  • We maintain and develop an environment programme
  • We use electricity that is produced 100 % by renewable energy
  • We regularly collect and analyse energy consumption data
  • We inform and train our staff and customers about environmental issues
  • We use equipment and technologies that conserve energy and water (such as LED technology)
  • We reduce the amount of waste and recycle efficiently (landfill waste max. 6 %)
  • We take environmental aspects into consideration when making acquisitions
  • We aim at continuous improvement of environmental issues
  • We encourage our staff to use video conference calls and reduce the use of vehicles annually by 5 %
  • We prefer service providers who use an environmental management system

Environmental responsibility in our facilities

An environmental aspect is always present when we develop our facilities. What does it mean in practice? So far, the following among other things:

  • We reduce energy consumption in facilities by various measures related to building automation.
  • We carry out repair work and improvements related to heating, plumbing and ventilation.
  • We regularly inspect the condition and settings of heating and ventilation equipment in office facilities.
  • Energy efficiency is taken into consideration in the planning of facilities.  
  • Incandescent light bulbs are replaced with more energy-efficient bulbs (energy-saving lights, led lights).
  • Timers and/or motion detectors are installed in lighting.
  • Cloth hand towel dispensers are used in toilets and kitchens instead of paper towels.
  • Water-conserving solutions are installed in water equipment and waterless urinals are used
  • Energy reviews are carried out in order to identify targets for energy conservation
  • We have solar panels on the roof, see the output (in Finnish).

Environment in services

Environmental aspects are visible in many ways to customers of the Science Park

  • Service providers (such as cleaning and restaurant services) are committed to environment-friendly solutions when making acquisitions and performing operations, such as cleaning detergents being used
  • The aim is to reduce food waste in our restaurants with the help of biowaste indicators
  • The aim is to make recycling and sorting as easy as possible
  • The aim is to offer environmentally friendly products, such as office supplies, to customers
  • We promote sustainable mobility and support reducing the use of vehicles by lending bicycles and electric devices (electric bicycles, electric kickboards) to our customers for getting around
  • We organise events, such as energy conservation week, recycling of electrical and electronic equipment, take the stairs days, bike-a-kilometre competitions
  • Increasing environmental consciousness with the help of information

Electric car charging point

We promote emission-free transport! At the end of the Science Park building 1, a charging point has been set up for two electric cars. The charging point is public and belongs to the Fortum Charge & Drive network. Fortum Charge & Drive, a pioneer in providing electric car charging services, operates in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland. Of the 100 charging points in Finland, 34 are fast charging. With a total of more than 1,450 charging points, the Fortum Charge & Drive network is the largest of its kind in the Nordics.

You can check the locations of the charging points in a special map service  or by using the Android or iOS application. To use the socket-type charging point, EV drivers need to bring their own public charging cable (type 2 cable). Charging costs EUR 0.04 per minute. Charging at the charging point is activated and paid for by text message, an RFID key or by using a smartphone application.

Green Office


Joensuu Science Park is a Green Office. WWF Green Office is an environmental management system intended for offices that will help workplaces reduce their environmental load, achieve savings and slow down climate change.


More information on the Green Office system:

Climate Square


We cooperate on climate-related issues with the Climate Square project. The Climate Square encourages local companies, communities and residents towards a carbon-neutral Joensuu.

A climate partnership as part of the Climate Square project means systematic work.