Lobby Services at your service

Lobby Services is in many way the nerve centre of the Science Park: Lobby Services is always aware of everything that is going on at the Science Park. Besides hands-on guidance and advice, Lobby Services also provides a wide range of support services to companies that operate at the Science Park.

Lobby Services is there to help whenever you have a question

If several pieces of advice to a company that operates at the Science Park should be condensed into a single piece of advice, it would be this: if you are uncertain, please turn to Lobby Services. Lobby Services provides help with any questions you may have related to operations at Science Park.

Lobby Services in the main lobby of Building 1 is open Monday–Friday 7:45 am–4:15 pm.

Virtual Lobby Services in the lobby of Building 3B and 4B provides a visual and sound link to the Lobby Services staff from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Sales and reservations of meeting facilities and meeting arrangements

Lobby Services is there to help when you are looking for a suitable meeting, seminar or sauna facility at Joensuu Science Park.

Would you rather focus on the content of your meeting or event as well as your guests instead of the arrangements? You can outsource all arrangements including equipment, catering, invitations and thank-you notes to the Meeting Services of the Joensuu Science Park. Our Meeting Services operates like a programme planner. We plan your meeting or event from beginning to end according to your preferences. This includes facility rental, catering, programme, furnishings, information technology, attendants, guidance for visitors, and photography.

More information on services at the Science Park's Meeting World is available here.

Office and secretarial services

If your company operates at the Science Park, keep Lobby Services in mind when you need help with various office-related tasks. Lobby Services can assist in copying, printing and scanning small and large batches, thermal binding, laminations, secure disposal of documents, and hourly-priced secretarial work. These are just a few examples. Do not hesitate to ask for more information at Lobby Services. You may be surprised about all the tasks that Lobby Services will be able to help you with!

Our secretarial services also include services that are necessary when organising events such as furnishings arrangements, coat check services, sending out invitations and processing registrations.

Office supplies

Lobby Services provides a wide range of OfficePRO office supplies. The most commonly used products are always available; other products will be delivered upon an order.

The following products are always available at Lobby Services:

  •  Printer paper, notepads, notebooks, flip board paper, post-it notes
  • Tapes, Blu-Tack, stapler
  • Binders, plastic folders
  • Whiteboard markers and cleaning wipes
  • Envelopes, tapes, bubble wrap
  • Batteries
  • USB flash drives (8 GB), DVD-R and DVD R discs
  • Coffee, sugar, coffee filters, cups

OfficePRO has been notified of the invoicing addresses of companies at the Science Park and OfficePRO will send invoices to customers for office supplies once a month. Lobby Services also has a copy of the xerox office supply catalogue in which you can find product and price details.

Mailing services

Companies that operate at the Science Park have functional mailing services such as Lobby Services in charge of processing mail.

Incoming mail

In addition to outgoing mail, Lobby Services also looks after incoming packages. When a package has arrived for you, Lobby Services will notify you along with instructions on where to pick it up.

Incoming mail is delivered to pigeonholes at the Science Park on weekdays by noon.

Outgoing mail

Outgoing mail, such as letters, cards and packages, can easily be dropped at Lobby Services. Special deliveries, such as express letters and registered letters, can also be sent through Lobby Services. If necessary, Lobby Services can pack your delivery or you can use the self-service point in the mailing room next to Lobby Services. There is packaging paper, bubble wrap and tape in the mailing room.

In order to ensure that outgoing mail will be picked up the same day, it must be delivered to Lobby Services on a weekday by 3 pm.

You can leave outgoing mail in the pigeonholes of Lobby Services, located in buildings 3B, 4A and 4B – please leave mail at these locations on a weekday by 2 pm so that it will be included in the outgoing mail that same day.

Larger batches and special deliveries, such as express letters and registered letters, should be delivered directly to Lobby Services.

There are pigeonholes at Lobby Services in which any outgoing mail can also be left when Lobby Services is closed (after 4:15 pm). The pigeonholes for internal mail for the university and city are also located at Lobby Services.

Lobby Services also takes care of the following:

Lobby Services also assists companies that operate at the Science Park with the following:

  • Monthly access cards to the parking building at Hallitie 2.
  • Annual access cards directly from Joensuun Pysäköinti.
  • Laundry services of Elapesu. You can leave laundry with Lobby services and Elapesu will pick up laundry from there
  • User access to the Science Park gym
  • Reservations for the Science Park's season tickets.
  • Make a reservation for Joma, Jippo, Josba and Kataja season tickets.
  • Reservations for the Science Park's Jopo bicycles. There are five Jopo bicycles available for use between spring and autumn on weekdays from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.