Building services technology

Indoor temperature and air conditioning have standard settings which are controlled by a building automation system. Power and IT sockets are either mounted on the walls or in movable poles.

If you have problems with lighting, air conditioning, cooling or other areas of building services technology, or if you want to change the settings or move the power poles, please contact the maintenance on JULMO service channel

Air conditioning

In campus buildings, air conditioning is controlled automatically. For further information, please contact the property maintenance. If you are planning an event with a large number of attendees and you would like to increase the air conditioning, please email the maintenance at

Most premises have an automated cooling system for each individual room. In addition, some offices have a control pad next to the door for changing the basic temperature setting by a few degrees.

Since the rooms are air conditioned, you do not need to open the ventilation hatches. However, if you do open the ventilation hatches, you must ensure that they are closed at the end of the day. You may not leave any windows or hatches open when the premises are unoccupied.


Heating is controlled by the thermostats in the central heating radiators. However, some thermostats are controlled by the building automation system, which means that they do not have any movable parts or numbers.

If your radiator thermostat can be adjusted manually, ensure that it is not turned too high. If your radiator thermostat setting is too high and the air conditioning system is trying to keep the room cool, the room will feel drafty and energy is wasted.