Cleaning and property maintenance

ISS Palvelu Oy´s cleaners and property maintenance staff carry out the cleaning and property maintenance of the Science Park´s offices and joint facilities. We seek no less than the highest level of comfort, with stylish premises both indoors and outdoors across the campus. ISS Palvelu Oy also manages the property maintenance services, such as heating, air conditioning and building technology.

Common areas and offices

Common areas, such as corridors, conference rooms and toilets, are cleaned daily. Offices are cleaned twice a week, according to the level of cleanliness and cleaning needs. For general comfort and to help the cleaners in their work, everyone should keep their workstation as tidy as possible. We recommend that you lift cables and leads off the floor. With the help of cable ties and similar devices, cables and leads can be mounted on the side of the desk or other convenient places. Please give space to the cleaners to do their job.

Desks, window sills and other surfaces are only cleaned when they are free of clutter. Cleaners are not allowed to move documents etc.

Outdoor areas

The outdoor areas are gritted on weekdays by 7:00. On Sundays and holidays, gritting will take place by 12 noon. After snow removal or forming of ice over surfaces, gritting takes place within two hours.

Removal of snow from doorways and walkways will take place by 7:00 on weekdays and by 12 noon on Sundays and holidays. Snow piles are removed from the yards when necessary.

For a more specific service description, please contact Anna-Maija Kivi.