Joensuu Science Park values good indoor air quality. We have established an indoor air quality working group to plan and schedule investigations and follow-up measures. The group issues progress updates to the company which reported the issue, and coordinates the investigation.

Reporting an issue with indoor air quality

If you notice an issue with indoor air quality, such as strange smells, musty air or health problems, you must contact your employer (line manager) and/or the occupational safety representative. You must also report any damage on workplace surfaces or structures caused by damp.

Your employer represents your company and must forward the report to Joensuu Science Park´s property expert. We recommend that you report any issues by email.

If employees are developing symptoms at workplace, the line manager must also contact the company´s own occupational health care service in order to assess the need for any health care measures. Individual employees may also contact the occupational health care service if they suspect their symptoms to be caused by indoor air quality at work. Statements by the occupational health care service can be used to support the investigation under the Finnish data protection laws.

When a report has been received, the property expert and the Science Park´s indoor quality working group launch an investigation to determine and solve the problem. The group sends progress updates to the line manager who reported the issue.

Information about indoor air quality

To maintain trust and facilitate problem solving, all communications must be consistent and open. Joensuu Science Park´s indoor air quality working group is primarily responsible for the communications. The group provides the company representative with progress updates on the measures. The company must then forward the updates to its employees.

Further information about indoor air quality

For any questions regarding indoor air quality, please contact Joensuu Science Park´s indoor air quality working group, which is chaired by the Science Park´s property expert Mikko Naakka, tel. +358 50 321 6822 or