Keys and moving around the campus

Access rights

Joensuu Science Park has an access control system. To register a new employee with the system, the authorised representative of the company or organisation located in the Science Park must apply for an access right in writing. The representatives are requested to email the employees´ names to the Lobby Service at no later than 1–2 days before access is required.

Keys and key fobs

Persons who have been given a key and a key fob must keep the key and the fob safe and use them as instructed. Please keep the key fob PIN safe. You must not write down the PIN code in a manner that could lead to the fob being misused.

Persons collecting the fob must be able to prove their identity.

Route directions

When collecting the fob, access right holders are given instructions on their available routes. An access right holder can open the locked doors along the route with the fob/PIN code. Please report any problems and faults by emailing the Lobby Service at

Access during business hours

During business hours, the doors along the common routes will open at 7:40 and close at 16:30.

Access outside business hours

Outside business hours, the only entrance doors available are the Building 1 main entrance on Länsikatu, Building 3A entrance by the tower facing the connecting corridor, and Building 3B main entrance (in the corner facing the ice skating arena).

You can enter Buildings 4A and 4B through any entrance if your fob has the correct access rights.

Please note that in case of emergency you are only allowed to use these doors to exit the buildings, unless you are advised to use the closest exit.

Charge for opening doors

If you have forgotten your keys, the charge for opening the doors is 50 euros between 8:00 and 16:00 on weekdays and 100 euros in the evenings and weekends.

If you lose your fob or key

If you lose your fob or key, you must immediately report it to the Science Park´s Lobby Service, Facility Services or security company.

If locks must be reprogrammed and new keys ordered as a result of lost keys, the costs incurred will be charged to the person who lost the key or the organisation where they work. A replacement fob costs 30 euros, VAT 0% (not applicable if only the leather casing has been damaged or broken).

Your responsibility for security

Access fob holders must ensure that the doors are properly closed.

You may not prop doors to keep them open. If you have to prop a door open temporarily, for example when delivering goods, you must ensure that the door is closed immediately when the goods have been taken through the door. Department and corridor doors have two leaves, one of which is bolted. The long bolts have lockable covers. If you need both door leaves opened for goods delivery, please call the Lobby Service on 013 337 7175

Fob holders may not let other persons to the building, unless they are the fob holder´s guests. Any costs incurred as a result of incompliance and alarms will be charged to the person causing them.


If requested by the visitor, the Lobby Service receptionist will inform the host about their arrival. The host will be responsible for their visitors and must ensure that they exit the building.

In the evening, the host is also responsible for ensuring that the visitors can enter the building, as well as ensuring their exit. Nobody is allowed to let in outsiders who cannot produce an appropriate access fob.

Visitor access in the evenings and weekends

To arrange door signage and access routes for events held on campus in the evenings or weekends, you must contact the Lobby Service staff as early as possible and no later than a week before the event. If doors have to be programmed to remain open outside the normal business hours, the event organiser must arrange a lobby attendant who ensures that outsiders do not enter the building.