Removal route access rights and protection

You should always inform Joensuu Science Park´s Lobby Service about your move. We also request you to agree on the removal route and any temporary access rights with the Lobby Service. You can collect the keys to your offices from the Lobby Service desk during business hours.

Please take good care of the surroundings when you move: protect the access routes floors, walls, door frames etc. to prevent damage. You may not move furnishings and other objects by dragging or pushing them on the floor. Always use rubber-wheeled trollies suitable for the purpose.

If we detect any damage caused by the move, we will arrange a joint viewing to agree on the repairs and payment for the incurred costs. Normally the party that caused the damage will be liable to pay for the costs.

Find out in advance the location and size of the Science Park´s lifts.

Ensure the collection of any waste generated by the move! For further information, see the Recycling and waste management page.

Moving on campus
If you move between buildings in the Science Park, a new access route will be programmed for your current fob. You do not have to replace your fob at the Lobby Service desk.

Removal professionals

The Science Park recommends a local company, Suomen Muuttofirma Oy, which have carried out several removals in the Science Park and know the premises. For additional information, please contact:

However, if you want to carry out the removal yourself, you can rent all boxes and packaging materials:

Parking on campus

Parking is not allowed on the courtyards. Parking is only allowed with Joensuu Science Park´s official service parking permit. For service access and parking, please contact the Lobby Service for a parking permit.

Let the Facilities and Furnishing Service help you

When your company has made the decision to relocate to Joensuu Science Park, our Facilities and Furnishings Service ensures that your move runs smoothly. You will have access to a range of services from needs mapping to premises design, provided by professionals who know the Science Park inside out.