Recycling and sorting

Joensuu Science Park collects several types of waste and recycling materials.

Bring waste to the recycling point

The recycling point on the 1st floor of Building 4A provides containers for the following types of waste:

  • Compactor for waste recovered for incinerating (remember to start the compactor when you bring in waste)
  • Compactor for recycled cardboard (flatten any large pieces of cardboard and remember to start the compactor when you bring in cardboard)
  • Organic waste
  • Final waste (going to landfills)
  • Recycled paper
  • Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)
  • Recycled glass
  • Used bulbs
  • Scrap metal
  • Batteries (battery collection points are also located in the main lobby in Building 1 and the lobbies of Buildings 3A and 3B)

The recycling point is open on weekdays from 7:40 to 16:30.

Cardboard and packaging waste

ISS Palvelut cleaners will take small amounts of cardboard to the recycling point during their cleaning rounds. However, you must take any larger cardboard boxes yourself to the recycling point in Building 4A or purchase the service from the cleaning provider. In that case, email

PLEASE NOTE! Please take large packaging materials directly to the recycling point! Joensuu Science Park charges 50 euros per pallet for pallets and packaging waste left in the corridors or lobbies.

Paper recycling

Please take all recyclable papers to the appropriate collection bins. There are separate bins for coloured and white paper. If your office or workstations do not have paper recycling bins or you need more of them, please contact your cleaner at ISS Palvelut. Please note that post-it notes and shredded paper should go in the normal bin (waste for incineration). A4 sheets that have been ripped into no more than four pieces are the smallest size that can go in the recycling bin.

If your documents must be destroyed, you may not deposit them in the recycling bin! You can contact the Science Park Lobby Services to book a document disposal service for sensitive documents that must be destroyed. There is a charge for the service. We recommend that documents that must be destroyed are always stored in locked containers (including the bin for the documents waiting to be destroyed under your desk!).

Waste for incineration

Waste for incineration used to be called mixed waste (sekajäte) and energy recovery waste (energiajäte). Nearly all waste created in the office environment is waste for incineration, which you can deposit in the waste bins located by your workstation or in the common areas. The waste from these bins is transported from Kontiosuo waste collection point to Riikinvoiman ekovoimalaitos power station.

Organic waste, glass and metal should be removed from the waste recovered for incineration as they cause corrosion and wear in the power station structures. It´s important to sort your waste properly! For advice on sorting waste for incineration, follow this link:

Take organic waste, glass and metal to their respective collection bins, located across the Science Park.

Location of waste bins and types of waste collected

Each waste collection point provides bins for organic waste and waste for incineration, plus one other type of waste:

  • Building 1, 1st Floor: + metal
  • Building 1, 2nd Floor: + glass
  • Building 2, 1st Floor: (north lift): + glass
  • Building 2, 1st Floor: (south lift): + metal
  • Building 3A, 1st Floor: + metal, glass, coloured paper, cardboard
  • Building 3A, 4th Floor: (netWork Oasis): + glass
  • Building 3B, 1st Floor: + glass
  • Building 4A, 1st Floor: + metal
  • Building 4B, 1st Floor: + glass
  • Building 1, 2nd Floor:
  • Building 2, 1st and 2nd Floor:
  • Building 3A, 1st and 4th Floor: