Safety in Joensuu Science Park is the responsibility of a safety team which has drawn up a safety policy, determining the Science Park´s safety objectives, responsibilities and implementation.

Safety is integrated in the Science Park´s strategy and quality of operations. We make safety a part of our daily activities. Due to the different safety needs of tenants, customers and other partners, Joensuu Science Park has to set high standards for safety management. Joensuu Science Park´s safety manager is Mikko Naakka.

Safety team´s key responsibilities

  • Determining the safety policy and principles
  • Setting out safety objectives
  • Describing the operating models related to safety
  • Planning and monitoring the operations related to safety
  • Drawing up safety documentation and guidance

Organising safety operations

The safety team works reports directly to the Science Park´s management. The Executive Team approves the Science Park´s policy, principles, objectives and action plans. The measures agreed by the safety team are implemented in line with the Science Park´s normal responsibilities.

 The safety team meets up at least three times a year and when circumstances change.