The Science Park telecommunications services seek to meet the companies´ individual telecommunications needs, while maintaining the security of shared resources and providing the operators with the opportunity to offer internet connections. A company's internet traffic can be routed via several teleoperators.

Companies may use their own active devices or make use of the Science Park´s backbone network equipment and VLAN technology. The company´s active devices are located in the Science Park´s distributors. Access to distributors is controlled. Companies may be given access rights to some distributors, and a key to the equipment closet in the distributor room.

The Science Park has outsourced the backbone network management to MPY which monitors network operation 24/7. Backbone network cables are managed by the Science Park.

For large installations and/or premises, the telecommunications needs must be mapped and planned together with the Science Park.

Internet connections

Companies moving to the Science Park must obtain their own internet connections. A company can obtain internet services directly through MPY or choose a different operator. All works must be agreed in advance with the Lobby Service.

The campus network has been built primarily to serve the companies´ normal data traffic. It does not benefit anybody to strain our shared routes with processes which are not related to business activities.

You can contact the following operators to get online:

Mikkelin Puhelin Oyj, Mikko Ryynänen, tel. +358 44 751 5545,

Elisa Oyj, tel. +358 10 265 2504,

VLAN - a virtual network

In VLAN, the active device port is instructed that a certain port is a member of a certain VLAN. This means that all ports with the same VLAN tag can communicate with each other. By default, each company is given one dedicated VLAN.

Models to access VLAN

One workstation

The company will not need a dedicated VLAN and will be connected directly to the internet operator´s VLAN. For the purpose of network security, we recommend that you install a separate firewall between the workstation and the network. A simple software firewall does not provide as efficient security as a device-based firewall. Your internet operator may also offer a centralised firewall but in that case the firewall will not be located in your premises. (You can compare this to locking your doors: main door - room door.)

More than one workstation in the same room

See the instructions above; the same set-up will work if you only have a few workstations.

If you need connection to the equipment closet, you will need a port for the internet connection and additional ports for each device connected to the intranet. For further information, see the next section.

Connecting workstations via the campus network

If you want to connect workstations located in different rooms via a single network, the wall outlets are connected to the campus network. Each connection will need a port in the active device. You will also need a port for the internet connection. If you are opting for this model, we recommend that the company installs a centralised firewall in their own premises. Then the company intranet communications will be protected by a firewall, and the internet traffic is directed via a separate firewall.

If the workstations use switches, you should consult your technical contact person before you connect them, so as to minimise any problems that may interfere with the campus network.

Changes to the campus network instructions

If the campus network instructions or contact details are changed, the tenants will receive the updated instructions. The up-to-date instructions are also available on the Science Network extranet and through the Facility or Lobby Services.

Technical contact person

Campus network support:

Mikkelin Puhelin Oyj

Länsikatu 15, 80110 Joensuu and tel. +358 30 670 3030