Joensuu Science Park privacy statement

Security has played an important role in the science park´s daily activities for years.  Protecting our customers´ data and being reliable are unconditional requirements for our operations.

Processing of personal data

When processing personal data, we comply with valid data protection and privacy legislation. Data is collected from customers, stakeholders and personnel. We process personal data, such as name, company, address, email, and phone number, to the extent permitted under legislation for example on the basis of and according to permission provided by customers. Additionally, we send newsletters to parties that use our facilities and to stakeholders.

We chiefly collect personal data from users themselves and from our customer companies, for example, when granting access codes, when a user uses our services, when signing up for events or later on during customer relationships. We process personal data so that we can perform our statutory project and contract-related obligations.

A description that complies with the EU´s General Data Protection Regulation has been drawn up on the means for processing personal data stored in all our registers. We retain our customers´ person data for the duration of their customer contract with us, When the customer relationship comes to an end, all personal data will be removed from our register. Personal data related to project activities are stored in accordance with project and funding related legislation. Personal data related to an employment relationship are stored in accordance with relevant legislation. Personal data related to marketing is stored until the customer requests that their information be removed from the register.

The data subject has the right:

  • to inspect his/her own personal data
  • to request that his/her information be corrected or deleted
  • to limit or oppose the processing of his/her own personal data
  • to request that his/her personal data is transferred from one system to another/from one data controller to another
  • to withdraw the permission, he/she has provided, if the processing of personal data is based on permission from the data subject
  • to submit a complaint to the Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman, if the data subject believes that his/her personal data has been processed in a manner that violates the currently valid privacy legislation

Disclosure of information

In accordance with the GDPR, Joensuu Science Park will not disclose personal data to third parties.  However, the data may on occasion be disclosed in a manner that complies with the legislation. Data can be disclosed for example in accordance with special legislation and decrees that steer structural funds and EU projects, such as the Government Decree on the eligibility for support of costs part-financed by a structural fund.

Joensuu Science Park projects are carried out with partners based outside the EU and the European Economic Area. Personal data is disclosed on a case by case basis and with separate express permission from the user.

Utilisation of cookies and other similar technologies

We use services provided by third parties on our website to develop our services, improve the website´s user experience and for targeting marketing.

Cookies are a text file that sent to and stored on the user´s computer. Cookies do not damage the users´ computers or files. Cookies help us collect, for example, the following information: opened web pages, browser type, operating system, data and time.

If you wish, you can turn off cookies from the settings in your browser.


Changes to terms and contact information

This information has last been updated on 25 May 2018. We reserve the right to change the privacy practices described herein and to update these terms accordingly. 

Joensuu Science Park´s security organisation is responsible for all matters related to the General Data Protection Regulation and the updating of this document. If you have questions about our privacy statement, please contact