Worth participating

Petteri Torssonen, Managing Director of Collapick – which operates in Joensuu, Tampere and Kajaani – views participation in the Business Idea Competition as highly successful, despite not winning a prize for the company´s idea.

- The feedback we received was extremely important, since we are wondering whether to re-orientate our business based on the idea. When the panel commented on our idea, it was important for us to hear what challenges they had encountered in corresponding situations. This enabled us to benefit from their experiences of avoiding the traps, which was very valuable.

Collapick's idea was a new type of communication and visualisation system for industrial production. In practice, this means transferring essential information to and from employees on a mobile and useable basis at different stages of production. The idea was entered in the competition by the company and the product is now being sold under the name Ponniste.


According to Torssonen, Start Me Up has also trained participants for the tough situations which need to be overcome in order to succeed.

- The competition gave us the chance to pitch our idea to the panel. Now that we've done the same in English for representatives of billion-euro businesses, we know how important it is to present and rehearse an idea. When you have only minutes to make an impact, the message must be clear.

However, CEO Petteri Torssonen has a clear view of where the idea´s ultimate key to success lies:

- Pick up your phone and sell. It´s then about moving, step-by-step, towards making a deal.

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