Videos and Some Awards series

A picture says a thousand words, but a moving picture even more! Use this opportunity to your benefit. You can make a one-minute video for the judges and, if you wish, enter the same video in the Some Awards series.

Video for judges

In the Start Me Up business idea competition, you can pitch your idea at the judges for their consideration. If you make a video, you can choose to submit it only to the judges for viewing as part of your actual application. The style and technical implementation of the video is up to you, but the video can only be one minute long. Use your imagination! Like all business ideas, video submissions will be treated in full confidence.

Enter your video in the "Some Awards" series too

If you choose to make a video, you can also enter it in the Some Awards series. Videos entered for the series will be published for viewers on Facebook in April. The audience will vote for its favourite business ideas based on these videos.

The Some Awards series, which will be decided by a public vote, is one way of seeing the potential of an idea. In a video up to one minute long, you must begin by introducing yourself and your idea, and convince the viewers to support your idea.

Videos in the Some Awards series will be released on 4 April 2018. Voting will be held on Facebook at an address to be announced later, by liking the video – giving it the thumbs up (no other response will be accepted). Voting will end at 12 noon on 8 May 2018.

The winner will be the video that receives the most Facebook likes. The winner will be announced at the winners´ publication event of the Start Me Up idea competition on Wednesday 9 May 2018.

The winning video of the Some Awards series will receive a prize of €1,000!

Contestants in the Some Awards category can market their videos on other social media channels in addition to Facebook, but actual voting for the videos will only be possible on Facebook, during the voting period. Feel free to encourage your own network to vote for your business idea when the video is released.

Tips on making a video

The same formula applies as when filling in the competition form. First think of what you want to say with the video and the style in which you will make it. Then make the video. If you don´t like the result, re-shoot the video.  Clarity is the key issue. Think about how you can get your case across to the public understandably and persuasively.

The natural communication of the idea will be based on you and your own personality. If you are a calm person, be calm in the video. If you have a bubbly personality, just let rip.

Roll the cameras and make an impact!

Tips for making a pitch (in Finnish)

Technical tips for making a video (in Finnish)

Apps for processing a video made on your phone (in Finnish).

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